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About Us

 Hi friends! We are Penny and Louie and we are so excited to see you! 


We live in Upstate New York with our mom and dad and we love to sniff butts and eat mud. Mom is really creative and spends a good part of her day making cool stuff for dog lovers. We are in charge of quality control to make sure that your product is absolutely perfect. We guarantee you will love our products. And if you don't, no worries. Just reach out to mom and we will kick her butt! 

♥️ Penny is 2 years old and Louie is 1
♥️ Our favorite thing to do is play fetch with rocks...yes, rocks! 
♥️ We LOVE to swim! Lake, pool, dump, name it!
♥️ Favorite snack: dental sticks
♥️ Favorite parent:, of course! ;) 
♥️ Favorite toy: BALL!!!!!! 
♥️ Reason we get in trouble: eating mom's flowers from the garden!
♥️ Penny's least favorite thing: cuddling...
♥️ Louie's least favorite thing:cuddling... being less than 5 inches away from mom. Must be with mum at ALL times!!