FREE shipping on all US Orders! Current turnaround time: 2 weeks!


What is Your Delivery Time? 

Our orders for custom pet sweatshirts take about 3 weeks to reach you. All other orders take about 2 weeks to arrive.

Do you ship internationally? 

We ship to US and Canada!

Can I expedite my order? 

Orders cannot be expedited. 

Are your products true to size? 

All our sweatshirts are unisex and true to size. The brand is Gildan, 50% cotton and 50% polyester. 

Will I receive a mockup of my order before you print it? 

Due to the volume of orders, we are not able to send mockups. 

Can you change the font on my order? 

Your font will look exactly like the product photo. We are not able to change it. If you prefer a different font from one of our other listings, please purchase that one instead.

Do you support gift messages? 

No, we do not support gift messages at this time.

Do you use breed photos or actual pet photos provided by customers? 

We use pet photos provided by our customers. 

Can I upload multiple photos with my order? 

Yes, you can upload multiple photos and we will chose the best one. 

Can you include a neck/full body with my order? 

We will decide which parts to include upon reviewing the photos. This part is entirely done by our designers and cannot be requested upon in advance. Some portraits will only feature your pet's neck and others will include a full body- this is entirely dependent on the photo you upload. 

Do you Accept Returns & Exchanges? 

Because your product is custom-made just for you, we are unable to accept returns and exchanges unless the items was never received or arrived damaged. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow cancellations, for any reason, within 5 hours of placing your order. Any cancellation that occurs after 5 hours will NOT be accepted.